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Showcase your talent at various events or in our dance and music videos!

Our events provide a platform for artists like you to share their skills and passion with a diverse audience. From large-scale events to online dance videos and reels, there is a performance opportunity for everyone. Learn various dance routines and styles, including Urban open style, Salsa, Contemporary, Indian semi-Classical and Folk.. and the Fusion of it all!

Embrace the spotlight and let your creativity soar at our next event!

Performance Classes

Join us on this exciting journey of dance and exercise, and let's get moving together!

Dance exercise classes are a fun and energetic way to stay fit and active. Classes are led by experienced instructors who guide the participants through different movements and steps. The upbeat music and lively atmosphere create a dynamic and motivating environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, these classes offer a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals of all fitness levels.

So, put on your dancing shoes and join in the fun!

There are various roles you can explore. As a performer, you can immerse yourself in diverse characters and bring their stories to life through your talent and dedication. As a technician, you can work with cutting-edge equipment, lighting, and sound to enhance the visual and auditory experience for the viewers.

So, dive into the world of film making to create unforgettable cinematic experiences!

If you have the passion for films and love being in front of the camera, or if you enjoy working behind the scenes to bring a story to life, you have an opportunity to participate in the exciting world of film making!

Dance-Exercise Classes